Andrea Schiavetta was born in Cremona, Italy on March 7,1989. After graduating from high school in 2008 with scientific and technological diploma, Andrea began his carrier in a well-know steel factory, located in Cremona, where as head of the production and personal he worked until 2015. Despite the excellent position held and a good salary, Andrea feels within himself a deep need for a change, soon realizing that he did not want  to continue inside the steel mill. So it was that in 2015 he decided to change his life by leaving to Australia, where he stayed for three years. With a very strong behavior and characters, through the desire to get back into the game, being opened to new challenges and adventures, Andrea after few days from his arrivals he finds his first job as assistant cook for a renowned Italian restaurant located inside the Melbourne casino. He is able to adapt very well to Australian life, managing and learning the english language very quickly, while taking the advantage to travel in Southeast Asia.Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and then Indonesia, Singapore to finish in Vietnam, country that affected him most. His open mind-set leads him to feel free, knowing that the world will be the key to open the way to his paintings.

After three years spent in Australia he begins to devote himself exclusively to travel going deepest, discovering Southeast Asia. The contact with asian culture clearly influences his personality and lifestyle, the knowledge of peoples and culture totally different from the western one rekindle in him the passion for discovery, from that moment everything changed. 
His first true passions are painting and illustrations, actually he paints modern abstract canvas, in his forms and shapes he tries to express strong and personal spiritual emotions. He can be consider abstract -  expressive painter. Emotions and feelings are the artistic based of his works. The technique used and the conceptual path of the artist have completely self-thought roots, acrylic and oil colors combined with oxidized metallic pigments is the Andrea's base style, he may also use scratched techniques to make feel the painting more alive.


A deep and intense connection can be created with artistic expression.
Art is the key to feeling synergy.































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